Monday, September 14, 2009


We win!! Kavi somehow wins a rook after his opponent blunders. Final score: 2.5-1.5 Philly!!


Kavi suddenly seems to have drawing chances after WIM Battsetseg missed easier wins. For example 27.... Ra1 + would have won on the spot.


Bartell draws ... so we need to draw on board four to equalize the match. Kavi offers a draw.


Kudrin resigns...


Still not looking so good on boards 1 and 4 as Kudrin and Kavin look close to resignation


Lenderman wins!!!


Looks tough for the Inventors with losing positions of boards 1 and 4 and a winning one on board 2. So it all comes down to Bartell winning as black in a slightly better position. His opponent seems to be low on time, giving hope to all the Philly fans out there.


Reason to hope on board two, with Lenderman attempting to squeeze GM Kaufman in a Q + B versus Q + N ending.


With moves like 22. Rd1, 23. Rc3, and 24. Rcd3, Lenderman seems to constantly go against Fritz's suggestions. With the way he's been playing off-late, maybe its time to hound my dad for a new engine...


Board four looks tough for us as Kavi is down a pawn and black seems to be applying pressure.


Boards two and three look promising for us after Bartell simplified and Lenderman made strong, simple moves.

Its looking like a tough match for us as we are worse on boards 1 and 4 and roughly equal on the middle boards. Kudrin employed a weird dragon system with 11.... Nxd4 after the usual Yugaslav setup. Eventually, he sacrificed an exchange to pry open the a- and c- files; possibly an unsound idea. White most likely has enough compensation, but it could peter out to a draw or even a win for the Inventor after a mistake in the dynamic position.

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