Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Live Blog- Inventors vs. Blitz


All four games begin a sicilian, though sidelines are used in three (all but the Smith-Shmelov game).

Hey All,

It's me Rahul Swaminathan again, liveblogging during this week's match against the Boston Blitz. This is an important match for both teams as the Inventors look to build on their win last week against the Kingfishers, while the Blitz look to erase the memory of 4-0 beating they took against Dallas last week. The match looks evenly matched with strong players on all boards. The notable person missing this week for the Inventors is GM Alex Lenderman who is taking a week off. He is aptly replaced by strong IM Bryan Smith. Let's hope that this week ends like the last: with a great win for the Philly squad!!

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PKS said...

To store the poll results, conducted on this blog for Week 4:

5 Voted for Inventors
3 Voted for Blitz